Saturday, June 18, 2011


With the help and support of the CAFOD organization, the Capacity Building training programme was conducted to develop the capacity of our CAFOD HR unit staff and the Co-ordinators of the other relevant units i.e. Youth, Eradication of Child Labour, CRS, Migrants', Training, Plantation & IHDP projects. The resource contribution for this programme was rendered by Mr. Mahinda Gunaratne, CAFOD Programme Accompanier.

A seminar was organized at the commencement to identify the requirement of the field of capacity development. Two main requirements were identified as follows;

1) Planning of Projects
2) Field Evaluation

Three training sessions were conducted and the M.S.C . practical training was held at the Medawala field.

After the conclusion of this training course, the trainees were awarded with certificates at the 'SETIK' auditorium, Kandy, on 30th April 2011, which was presided by the Rev. Fr. Camillus D. Jansz-Director SETIK, and with the participation of Mr Maninda Gunaratne-the CAFOD Programme Accompanier, Mr. N. C. Gregory-Manager/ Administrator 'SETIK'. Fifteen (15) staff members who successfully completed the training programme, received the certificates.

This training course immensely benefited the staff to plan their future programmes very efficiently. We are sure, in our day to day work, our staff members will use this 'Most Significant Change' methodology for field evaluations.