Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Workshop for Government Officers on Administrative Law

The workshop held at the District Secretariat Auditorium at Matale on 17-02-2012 for all District Secretaries, Assistant district secretaries, Auditors and assistant planning directors of Matale.
In these administrative areas the most suitable and the valuable ways of working with the people and how to create a suitable environment were enlightened by Mrs. Uththara N. Rupasinghe, the legal officer of Caritas Kandy–SETIK.
The description of facts on general entrance to law, the classification of law, administrative law and the application of law was an opening for a debate. To these 37 members of government officers who participated, it was an attractive and fruitful occasion.
The participants of the programme in giving their opinions made it known that the facts that were given in the lecture was very important in the primary duties and request for another week long camp to discuss about administrative law in detailed manner was also made.
In the evaluation of this programme 50% of the participants made its known that what they learnt was useful and holds a very important place in their primary duties. Six officers of Caritas Kandy SETIK participated as organizers. We thank respectfully to the District Secretary of Matale Mrs. Meegasmulle for having given a chance to the government officers of Matale district to participate in this programme.